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Mobile guides

Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Home Museum’s mobile guides and online exhibitions showcase museum itself, its collections, the history of the Lönnström Group and the garden in the museum grounds. There is also a mobile guide for children, Kurkistus kotimuseoon, which also includes activities. The guide is currently available only in Finnish.

The mobile guides have been implemented on the Finnish Museum Association’s Museum Without Walls platform. The guides require no special app or registration to be used.

Kierros Teresia ja Rafael Lönnströmin kotimuseossa

Kierros Lönnströmin kotimuseon puutarhassa

Lönnströmin kotihiiri seikkailee videolla

Suomalaista design-lasia kotimuseossa

Tanskalaista posliinia kotimuseossa
also in English

Lapsille suunnattu opastus Kurkistus kotimuseoon

Kerttu ja Iiro Östmanin elämän kuunnelmat vievät Lönnströmin tehtaiden työntekijöiden sota-ajan arkeen

Kierros Lönnström-yhtiöiden tehdasalueella Kaivopuistossa

Video tour guided by the Lönnström mouse

Visitors can also explore the museum on a video tour guided by the Lönnström house mouse as it roams around the house, showing off its home and talking about the people who used to live in it. The mouse also has fun activities for children to do in the museum. The video tour was designed by music educator Venla Wallenius, who also plays the mouse. The mouse’s video tour is available on our the museum’s YouTube channel.

YouTube channel (in finnish)
Lönnström home mouse tells the children about the museum. Photo Sini Vuorikivi.

Lönnström YouTube channels

The Lönnström Art Museum YouTube channel features videos and interviews related to the museum’s contemporary art projects and videos presenting the Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Home Museum.

YouTube channel

Lönnström museums on social media

You can also follow news about both Lönnström museums on our social media channels.