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Lönnström Projects

Every year the Lönnström Art Museum challenges artists to consider visions for work they have always wanted to create.

The Lönnström Art Museum has since 2015 conducted extensive art projects with artists working in Finland. The idea is to realise visionary works of art that might be impossible to produce in the course of the artist’s ordinary work. Lönnström Projects are surprising and unique works of art born of bold artist’s plans. The Lönnström Project artist is selected in an annual call for proposals.

The Lönnström Project can be a permanent work of art but it can also be something evolving or ephemeral. The process itself or the community born in the process can be just as important as the end result. A sustained project allows the creativity and drive for change inherent in artistic work to become visible many times and for many audiences.

The mission of the foundation running the Lönnström Art Museum is to support and promote visual art. In the Lönnström Projects, the museum fulfils that mission by partnering up with artists to produce an artwork of their dreams, thereby making unique and compelling art projects accessible to the public.