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Lönnströmin taidemuseon toimintaa ohjaa vuonna 2020 hyväksytty kokoelmapoliittinen ohjelma.

Art Collection

The art collection in the Lönnström Home Museum spans a period from the 1860s to the present. The oldest portion consists of 19th century works by international artists from Teresia and Rafael Lönnström’s childhood homes. When the Lönnströms decorated their own home, they purchased mainly traditional Finnish art. The oldest works in the collection are on permanent display in the home museum as part of its interior. The featured artists include Elin Danielson-Gambogi, Pekka Halonen and Hjalmar Munsterhjelm.

The more recent portion of the collection consists of Finnish and international art from the 1970s onwards. Teresia Lönnström began to build the collection at the turn of the 1980s, acquiring work by Finnish women artists in particular, as well as Rauma-based artists.

Since 1987 the foundation has been augmenting the collection with Finnish contemporary art in the spirit of Teresia Lönnström’s will. Purchases made in the 2000s include works by Kaisu Koivisto, Jasmin Anoschkin, Ville Andersson, Jaakko Niemelä and others.

The art collection keeps growing and currently comprises around 350 works.

Pictures of the Art collection

The Home Museum Collection

The Home Museum Collection consists of the furnishings of Teresia and Rafael Lönnström’s former home, today the Lönnström Home Museum. In keeping with Teresia Lönnström’s will, all objects in the museum are in their original locations. The collection consists of furniture, textiles, lamps and decorative objects.

Most of the furniture is 20th century period furniture. The decorative items include many porcelain and glass objects from the 20th century. The porcelain pieces are mainly from Denmark and Central Europe; the glass items are European and Finnish art glass. The collection also includes glassware from Murano and products from the famous Venini glassworks.

Alongside the decorative and art objects are photographs, books and souvenirs that tell the story of life lived in the home.

The collection consists of around 1,150 objects.

Pictures of the Home Museum collection

The Lönnström Industrial Collection

The Lönnström Industrial Collection showcases products made by the Lönnström companies (1929–1984). The items were collected by Raimo Rosvall, a long-time employee of the Lönnström Group. The collection includes artefacts, photos and documents related to the companies’ operations. Some of the items belong to the Rauma Museum and are deposited permanently in the Lönnström Collection.

The products manufactured by the Lönnström Group ranged from military equipment in the 1930s to civilian goods in the post-war period. The Lönnström Industrial Collection features sanitary armatures, plumbing fittings, aluminium products and industrial chains, as well as ammunition and fuses.

There are about 300 objects in the Lönnström Industrial Collection.

Pictures of the Lönnström Industrial Collection